Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Traverse City

Back in September H surprised me for my 28th Birthday by taking me to Traverse City on a wine tasting tour. It was an awesome trip and we found a few favorite wineries to return to someday.

A couple weeks ago H mentioned to me that he had a conference he to attend at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa, my mouth started watering at the thought of another TC wine tasting so I put in my PTO request and joined him. We left for TC after he got home from class on Thursday night. We arrived in TC a little after 1:30am. We stayed in the old part of the hotel, not the tower. This could've been why our room was only $80/night. It was clean but very dated decor. Bed was comfy and clean with the all white linens most hotels are doing now. Friday I went to the spa to kill time. I made an appointment for a manicure/pedicure. It was relaxing and a good time killer however totally not worth the price tag. I've had far better mani/pedis for less money at a local Aveda salon. That was a bummer because it wasn't cheap and as I type this all of the my fingernails have chipped and the chipping started on Sunday (2 days after).

Friday night we ate at The Jolly Pumpkin on the Old Mission Peninsula and liked the atmosphere. H tried a Honey Wheat beer that was awesome. We'd definitely eat there again.

Saturday was more napping, and general wasting time on the Internet for me. It was awesome! Saturday night we met up with friends we hadn't seen in 7 years for drinks (they are TC residents). We had a blast at a "cool bar" filled with young tattooed, pierced whores with way too much make up on shrieking at the top of their little smoke filled lungs. Ahhh to be 21 again (no thanks).

Sunday H wrapped up at the conference at by 11am we were in the parking lot of Peninsula Cellars getting our drink on in the wine tasting room.

I love this place and I love their "White Table Wine", "Detention" and "Homework" wines. The tasting room is an old School house from the 1800s hence the reason some of the wines are school themed names.

Several bottles of wine in our trunk later, we drove further up the peninsula to our FAVORITE- 2 Lads Winery.
They have awesome wine, a fantastic view of Old Mission Harbor. The atmosphere is different from the others on the peninsula because it's so modern. Love, love, love this place.

Before we headed home I realized that I wanted some more "Red Wagon Red" from Bowers Harbor Vineyard. We ended up spending an hour here tasting 10 wines because the man behind the counter was very lonely and had no one to talk to- he really liked to talk. We ended up buying 4 bottles of wine and then finally called it a day. I think March is the perfect time to go up there, especially on a Sunday afternoon- we practically had all these places to ourselves unlike in September when it was packed for fall colors tours. I can't wait to go back this summer when my wine rack empties out a bit. It was great quality time road-trippin' with my husband which is always a good thing!