Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Visit To The Doctor

We had an conultation appointment with a new Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) aka Fertility Doctor in our area. It's a smaller practice with one RE who's highly respected in this area. He has several adult children, one of which is a daughter that has my same first and middle name. It's fate, right? He made a lof sperm jokes to put H at ease and he gave me a hug when I left. The office was decorated with hundreds of pictures of babies from patients who had "graduated" from infertility (IF). Very encouraging to see.

He seemed confident even though I've only got the left ovary & tube that IUI is the way for us to go. Our consult with him lasted an hour and a half and he explained so much to me that others neglected to do. I feel very invigoratted and a new positive energy. Let's hope this is the practice for us!

Birds and Bees: Jane's Pregnant Again

I like this video. It's a more light hearted approach to how infertility feels and can totally see myself saying or have said things like "she could run into a pole and get pregnant".