Saturday, November 3, 2012

Embryo Transfer Complete!

We had our embryo transfer this morning. We transferred the best 2 out of the "super six". We got to see them on a TV screen prior to transferring them into the uterus. When the transfer was complete, the Doctor covered me up and said they have a tradition.

He put my hand over my womb, put H's hand on mine. He also put his hand and the Embryologists hand on top of my H's hand and then he said "You've done everything right, taken all your medicine, taken care of yourself and now it's up to God." Then he said "All the fertility gods and goddesses of the universe, please let this be the one".

Then I was wheeled into a prep/recovery area to lay still and rest for 30 minutes. The doctor came in while I was resting and said that the embryos looked great, the transfer went great and he said "You have been through so much, you are a dear, I want you to graduate" and then he kissed my hand. You could definitely feel the optimism in the whole place!

So now we wait for 2 weeks. I've got lots of projects planned to occupy my time and my mind in the evenings once I'm done with bed rest.

I definitely have a tremendous amount of prayers and support from family, friends and even online friends and I'm so grateful and thankful! I'm hoping this is the one that will give us our "take home baby".


  1. I literally just teared up reading about the tradition your RE has... stupid PIO has made me a blubbering baby! Congratulations!!

  2. That is an amazing tradition!! FX for you!

  3. Thank you ladies for the well wishes. The tradition was very nice. Our Doctor is so humble and really does acknoweldge that in the end it's up to a higher power!