Thursday, June 16, 2011

What happens when our Infertile Friends Become Pregnant?

What happens when a sister infertile finally becomes pregnant? I recently found out what happens after a friend had a successful IVF cycle.

At first you sit there stunned.

Your eyes may start to sting with tears.

You may think "Holy Shitballz! If it can happen for them, maybe it really will happen for us!!".

You may feel immediate joy.

You will definitely feel like "Last of the Mohicans". The.Only.One. that is not knocked up.

Along with feeling like you're completely alone you may think: "Who will I talk to about the fact that I now feel completely comfortable with the TSA cavity searches on my recent trip to Disney, thanks to all the infertility tests I've endured?"

You will undoubtedly be holding your breath along with the mother-to-be after each doctor's appointment, praying that it's still good news until you hear that a healthy baby has been born.

No one wants to be in the infertility club. It's a dreadful place. No matter what road you have to take to get there, it's a blessing when a member graduates the inferility club. I'd like to know if there's a way to get to a place where you can skip all the emotional warfare and just skip right to being happy for someone who suffered along with you for so long? I hope to get to that place. It would be nice, not to mention make me feel a little better about my character if I could just be happy the second I hear an infertile isn't so infertile.

Lastly, you will never give up hope that you will end up just like the "friend of a friend's cat's old foster mother who tried for 19 years and BAM! One day- she was pregnant!!!" And now she gets to be the proud mother of the Carnie acting as Booking Agent for the "Yak Woman".

A girl can dream...


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